Tasting menu

We anticipate your thoughts and serve a glass of wine with each dish. The wine accompaniment comes at an additional 20 EUR.

If you wish to exchange a dish on the menu, we are happy to provide recommendations.

Menu 1

Calamari with young garlic shoots

Marinated salmon with grated lemon in rough salt

Cuttlefish with pine nuts, green pepper, strawberries and wine reduction


Homemade black noodles with lobster

Pljukanci pasta with shrimp and hokaido pumpkin

Fried chicory


Blueberry mousse with rosemary and mango

Almond tart with walnuts

Maypop cream

33 EUR

Menu 2

Octopus on rocket bed

Shark spread


Shrimp soup from the Istrian bovine Boškarin ox horn


Sea bass in salt

Mix of yellow and orange carrots

Glazed red beet

Baked potatoes

Baked zucchini and potatoes


Chocolate trilogy

44 EUR

Menu 3

Raw hors d'oeuvres

Tatar tuna, clam, shrimp and prawns


Sea bass carpaccio on berivka salad with pomegranate, citrus, olive oil and chestnut honey


Homemade green noodles (nettle) with Adriatic shrimp and pumpkin

Fried chicory


Selected fish in the oven with mini patatines

Fine vegetable side dish


Pistachio in light chocolate dome

Pistachio crumble

55 EUR